Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Jess & Courtney!

Here are two lovely ladies, Courtney & Jess. Both of them have been the main driving force behind Large Ride Down's incorporation with How Bazaar!

Jess is responsible for the Art Auction which is a massive feature of the How Bazaar! event. As well as this she and Courtney are both actively promoting the charity and the ride in order to raise awareness and support!

Courtney is responsible for the Stall management and event coordination. Both her and Jess are helping each other out so that they get the job done as smoothly as possible!

They are doing an absolutely fantastic job! Not to forget they will in fact be driving the support car. So without these two girls we wouldn't be going anywhere very fast! So thanks to you both for your continued help; we honestly cannot thank you enough!

Don't forget to check out the event details and come down to see us in May!
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