Thursday, 24 February 2011

Here is another ride!

Some more training data for people to have a look at! There will be a video coming and also some photos!

Garmin Connect - Night - Road Cycling - 23.02.2011

Don't forget to follow our Virgin Money Giving link at the top of the blog if you believe in what we are doing!


Monday, 21 February 2011

Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research

Why not visit the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research website in order to have a look through details of the How Bazaar! event!

Interested in coming to this amazing charity bazaar?

If you come down there is an entry fee of £1 which goes exclusively to the charity! So all money on the door goes to helping people who suffer from blood cancers. There is a charity art auction and charity raffle/tombola where all money raised also goes to the charity.

Click here!

Entry Fee:  £1
Opening Times: 12PM - 5PM
Location: Lincoln - Engine Shed

More details can be found on the website!


Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Jess & Courtney!

Here are two lovely ladies, Courtney & Jess. Both of them have been the main driving force behind Large Ride Down's incorporation with How Bazaar!

Jess is responsible for the Art Auction which is a massive feature of the How Bazaar! event. As well as this she and Courtney are both actively promoting the charity and the ride in order to raise awareness and support!

Courtney is responsible for the Stall management and event coordination. Both her and Jess are helping each other out so that they get the job done as smoothly as possible!

They are doing an absolutely fantastic job! Not to forget they will in fact be driving the support car. So without these two girls we wouldn't be going anywhere very fast! So thanks to you both for your continued help; we honestly cannot thank you enough!

Don't forget to check out the event details and come down to see us in May!
Visit How Bazaar!

Want to hold a stall? Have a look here!
Stall Holder Opportunities!

Want to donate some artwork for the auction? be alongside the likes of Jon Burgerman?
Donate Artwork!

If you believe in what we are doing; why not donate?


Sunday, 13 February 2011


This goes out to all people who have donated so far!

Jay Kingston
CKN Print Ltd.
Tim Doyle
Ash Hutch
Kiley Woolgar
Alex (Arizant UK)
Ellie Marchant-Williams
Emilie Frazer
Marco Dimauro
Rachel Dimauro
Jane Burkinshaw
Joe Burkinshaw
Hugh Vaughan
Eirlys Vaughan
Jake Lockett
Lucy Jackson
Darren Jackson
Laura Thornton
Louise Ayres
Steve Seelig
Angie Seelig
Damien Barnard
Roy Kingston
Angela Jackson
Steve Stokes
Anne Stokes
Colleen Sheenon
Don Everitt
Rob Wager
Kate Lindop
Toby Mobbs
Matthew Harris
Claire Moore
Emily Pannet
Charlie Kennedy
Steve Pannet
Kate Lucas
Charlotte Hall
Rosie Ablewhite
Spadge Whittaker


Stall Holder Opportunities!

There are still stalls available for people who would be interested in getting involved or selling through the bazaar! Have a look and see if you would be interested! Don't leave it too late to avoid missing out! Not many stalls are left so the sooner you get in contact the better chance you have of securing a stall!

Interested? Send emails to:



Show your support for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research!

In May there is a charity bazaar taking place in Lincoln! Why not come down and see us! meet the riders, drink some tea, eat some cakes, buy some vintage clothes and look at some artwork! Don't miss out! It is going to be a huge event!

All the money we take on the door goes straight to the charity! As well as this a couple of stalls are making donations towards the charity from the money they will be making!

It is important that we have people come down so that we can raise as much money as we can!

The event organiser is 'How Bazaar!' in co-ordination with 'Large Ride Down'

If in doubt! Come down and see what we have got on!

How Bazaar! Handmade, Art, Craft, and Vintage! Fundraising Event! - Facebook

Don't forget to check out the blog for the event either!

How Bazaar! Handmade, Art, Craft, and Vintage! Fundraising Event! - Blog


Check out some of the cycling stats. Such as heart rate, speed, and rpm, cadence; all through our Garmin Connect page! Give you a little idea of what we are doing in our training. The equipment used to get this information is a Garmin FR60 + HRM + Bike Sensor.

Keep up with us!

12.02.2011 by Large Ride Down at Garmin Connect - Details